What is holding you back from being heard?

Here is something for you to think about!
Singing is such a natural thing and lets be real, everyone has a voice which means, everyone can sing! With all the voices on the radio and the reality shows, does this make us judge our own voice? Do we think we can’t sing if we don’t sound like Beyonce or Sam Smith or the next big thing that we have heard? 

It might be scary but the more you just relax and don’t care, then singing becomes fun and the more fun you have with your voice, the more confident your voice will grow!!!

I have heard so many people say “I only sing in the shower”, or ‘Ill clear a room if I sing” or“you wouldn’t want to hear my voice”. Even people that have come to private lessons have said “I don’t know why I am here” and then they sing and have a lovely voice.  

So with all that said, stop judging your voice and come and sing with us and let your voice be heard and make our group sound amazing with your talent!
“Its not about how good you are its about creating an energy and being a part of something special!”

Thursday nights Sessions


Teens: Thursday 5.15pm
Junior: Thursday 6.30pm
Adult: Thursday 8.15pm!