Teen Voices

A fresh, exciting and modern group singing lessons for teenagers.


Teen Voices is a exciting singing group for teenagers in Melbourne which offers a modern and fresh approach for teenagers to express them selves and sing in a group whilst being instructed by professional vocal coaches. No audition and no experience is needed.

Teen Voices is a teen singing group, which gives all teenagers the chance to come together and sing, have fun and leave feeling great. At Teen Voices we only sing current songs, which teenagers can relate too. We choose songs which are at the top of the charts right now!

Singing groups for teenagers generates a positive group identity, enhances good relationships with those around us and enables young people and the youth of today to come together and create something special with the sound of there voices. Teen Voices is a singing lesson, singing group and teen choir all mixed into one to cater for teenagers who love to sing in a modern world

How It Works

Each week we take you step-by-step through current pop songs. You will be guided by the instructors to sound completely amazing in group. 

Why teenagers love coming

1. Teen Voices is taught by the best professional vocal coaches in Melbourne

2. We sing modern pop songs

3. Amazing performance opportunities (But no pressure to perform)

4. Make long lasting friends

5. Studio recording and music video opportunities


Amazing Performance Opportunities

Please call to book your spot.