What an amazing morning Pop Choir had supporting the runners of Melbourne 2022 with the power of the voice. It is always such a fabulous experience and an honour for members of Pop Choir to sing and encourage the runners of Run Melbourne. 

Run Melbourne 2022 was no exception! Pop Choir sang a collection of upbeat songs cheering on the runners passing by. The songs included “ Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams, Play That Funky Music and 500 Miles by the Proclaimers to name a few. Singing in a group has so many proven health effects. The fact the Pop Choir members got up at 5.00am to start singing at 7.00am on a fresh Sunny Melbourne morning only added to the flowing endorphins. 

Human beings love to feel connected. We also love a sense of community and purpose. The camaraderie between the singers and the runners this cold sunny winter Melbourne morning connection, community and purpose written all over the glowing faces of everyone involved.

Check out the video here to get a sense of energy and happiness of cheering along with our fellow humans.

Pop Choir cheering the runners and the runners cheering Pop Choir. What was so fascinating was the runners cheering Pop Choir. After reflection it became quite obvious that the runners are showing their admiration and appreciation that Pop Choir also got up so early on a cold winter’s morning to stand in the middle of the street singing and cheering on the runners to help support their charity. It was that feeling that we are all in this together. 

Pop Choir is getting ready to sing at Conners Run in September and is always out in the community singing and supporting great causes!

Pop choir is like no other Choir Melbourne has to offer. It is a new, fun, fresh take on what you might expect from a typical Choir in Melbourne. We might have fun but we also work hard in weekly sessions to sound really good as a group to wow our audiences.

Keep your eye out for Pop Choir at your next local event.