Singers having fun at Pop Choir At The Bar

We had a lovely group of people from around the community in Bayside Melbourne come to Eddies Band Room on Sunday June 19th to learn the song One by U2. In one hour they learned a Pop Choir arrangement in three part harmonies taught by instructors Sharon and Darryl. We then professionally recorded and filmed it. Watch the amazing video below.


The power of the voice blows my mind! Enjoy everyone having a sing! You don’t have to be a singer to join in these sessions and the finished product is amazing!

Over 200 people joined in the Pop Choir event at Eddies Band Room, Melbourne. No one had heard the Pop Choir arrangement before arriving. Everyone grabbed a few drinks from the bar for a bit of “Dutch Courage” then the energy of the room just lifting off the roof with the power of Pop Choir. It was like our very own rock concert on a Sunday arvo. The only difference was the freshly formed Melbourne singing group was the main act! Stay tuned for the next Pop Choir Melbourne at the Bar event coming soon!