Pop Choir is the new and fresh alternative to traditional community choir.

Each week, Pop Choir members learn modern and classic pop tunes with sensational vocal arrangements. Sing your heart out at our exclusive performances. Pop Choir put a real emphasis on having fun while you sing along with a great group of friends.

The incredible singing experience we create is uplifting, entertaining and the best part of your week. At Pop Choir, we believe that singing is for everyone. Our mission is make singing fun and accessible to everyone because when everyone is included, everyone wins!




Gone are tedious traditional choir rehearsal. Be a part of the Pop Choir’s vibrant positive community. Meet new people while jamming to classic and fresh new tunes.


Finally a fun, guilt-free weekday activity to wind down after a long day. Pop Choir is fresh, energetic, and rejuvenating. Revel in the uplifting atmosphere, relieve stress and sing your heart out.


Take your undiscovered vocal talents to new heights. We help you sound good no matter your musical ability. Be on the ticket to perform in Melbourne’s biggest events.