How to sing: Tip #5 for the voice: Confidence

Confidence is a big thing when it comes to singing! I am so lucky to be able to hear so many beautiful voices! Quite a lot of people who start having singing lessons with us do not think they can really sing!

Sometimes all we need is to believe in ourselves just that little bit more! Especially when we are doing something we are so passionate about. Confidence will be the key to helping you reach your goals!

When you are singing next, just enjoy and love what you are singing and know that YOU do sound good and with practise and determination and CONFIDENCE you will always get better!

My story: Darryl and I had moved to London and auditioned for a production company and were flown over to Rhodes Greece for 6 months to sing in a 5 star resort! It was the dream job! A gorgeous house, car, our day times off with one whole day and night off a week and only had to sing 2 x 45 min sets each night. We arrived a week early to hand over from the duo before us! We were so excited and went to the bar on the first night to watch them!

If you can picture a 30 degree night, an open stage which looked out to around 600 people in the audience and out onto the ocean. Heaven!

When the duo before us started playing they were AMAZING!!!! Instantly self doubt started entering our minds s we were a very different set up. We played totally different styles of music. The questions in our minds started to take over: Will we be good enough, do we know our songs well enough, are we going to be able to do this??? Oh my goodness it was terrible. You see, Darryl and I were offered the job then then told we had to know around 200 songs!!! We of course said we did, so for 5 weeks before we went to Greece, we locked ourselves in our apartment in London learning songs! Gosh, the neighbours probably loved that! haha!

After a few days it was then our turn to take over the stage and Darryl and I knew we had to be confident in what we did and how we did it and of course we went up there and smashed it! We had to block those negative thoughts out and believe in what we did!

Next time you think you say to your self you can’t sing, know that you really can!!!!!!