How to sing: Tip #2: Sing it OUT!!!!

Through many years of teaching one of the common mistakes that students have is when they practise at home they tend to practise but quietly as they don’t want other family members to hear!

Now when I say sing out I don’t mean scream or hurt your voice, I mean, just sing like you would if you were having a lesson! Don’t be shy once you leave the studios as if you don’t practise the song with your full voice then it is hard to make any improvements and work over areas that need it!

Sometimes when you sing really quietly the song doesn’t seem as hard, or you feel you are able to get the song with no mistakes! Trust me, its better to make those mistakes and learn how to sing with your natural beautiful voice!

I remember once I was asked to learn a song for a performance. I thought I already knew the song really well and sang it over a couple of times to myself …. quietly…..however, at the actual gig when i sang it out i realised just how low it was!!!