If you haven’t already, sing in front or a mirror!!! There you are able to see exactly what you are doing!

Posture is so important when singing so the first thing is to make sure you are standing up nice and straight, shoulders back.

You want to look as relaxed as possible when you are singing!

Sing to the mirror your favourite song, having a look at what your mouth and head and over all body is doing!!!

Is your chin pulling up when you sing the higher notes???
Do your shoulder raise when you breathe???
Do you open your mouth enough or do you not open it at all???

Seeing what your body and face is doing when you sing is SOOOO important as a small change in stance, opening the mouth or closing it if it is too wide, can change the whole sound!!!!!

SOOOOOO…. next time you have a sing, steal a mirror and WATCH yourself! You will be surprised with what you see!

How to Sing: Tip #1: Sing in front of a Mirror