Please if you can sign up on the EVENTBRITE link below so i know if you are thinking of probably coming so i know what kind of a performance to plan that would be amazing!

Festival of Voices is a wonderful event in Tasmania celebrating all things singing. This is an optional event we are offering anyone that is able and wanting to experience something a little bit different :>

I would love to get some members to come to the festival:  Friday June 30th-Sunday July 2nd. You can stay on after this but this is the time I propose we would perform and be together. 
This weekend is the opening weekend. There are events for us to go along and be a part of. Each day will be scheduled with optional events for you to attend and if your night owl they have singing options to keep you up late at night too!
On Saturday July 1st we will be actually performing : TBA location.
If you would like to go, then you will need to make your own way over and book accommodation and your travelv
Here is a link with some info to the festival: https://festivalofvoices.com/act/touring-choirs-2023-registration/
The festival do charge a $160 fee which covers you to attend any of the fun things planned. This you will need to do before the end of April and I will email out about this when its required. 
I will also need to submit a list of everyone who has registered so ill make a shout out in April. 
Any questions please feel free to ask, or have a think if this is something you might like to do!

I will arrive with my family a couple of days before as this ill take a mini holiday as well! how fun!


I am so excited about the Festival of Voices. 
This non-competitive, joy-filled experience offers choirs from across the country the opportunity to participate in Australia’s pre-eminent choral festival. Choirs get to sing in a welcoming, inclusive environment, perform in unusual settings and attend special festival events. The opportunity to explore Hobart and Tasmania is encouraged, while meeting and networking with choral friends and colleagues.
Thank you to those who have let me know they have booked their trip and paid registration!
For anyone new, registrations to the Festival need to be paid via the below link: https://festivalofvoices.com/act/touring-choirs-2023-registration/
Please let me know once you have booked and are coming! 
What happens next: I will be sending everyone who has booked their trip a drop box folder with all the tracks and parts of the songs to listen and learn at the end of April. We will then have a group rehearsal on Sunday June 18th 2pm-5pm. (LOCATION 185 Wickham Road Moorabbin) Please come knowing your parts and have your lyrics printed and in a black folder. 
Please join the facebook group FOV POPCHOIR but only after you are 100% confirmed. There you can chat and ask questions amongst anyone that is going :>
Have a lovely couple of weeks and any questions please let me know!


Big Sing

The Big Sing Bonfire is one of the festival’s signature events. The Big Sing is held on Saturday 1 July from 5:00pm – 6:30pm outside the Princes Wharf Shed, directly opposite Salamanca. Touring choirs who are here for the Big Sing will be involved in singing the opening piece (tba) and will help to lead the singalong component (this song also tba soon!). The Big Sing is a free event, featuring choirs and soloists representing all aspects of the festival, and attracts an audience of up to 3000 people

Big Sing rehearsal

There will be a rehearsal for the choral component of the Big Sing on Friday 30 June from 5:30pm – 6:30pm in the Long Gallery in the Salamanca Arts Centre. This rehearsal will be conducted by Paul Jarman. Stay tuned for more information about what pieces will be rehearsed and performed.

Yes, you will definitely be performing on your own as a choir whilst you are here. That will mostly be through the pop-up program – we have some awesome venues where you will get big crowds to perform to. Then there is the Big Sing on Sat 1 July. Here is a draft schedule





Saturday 1 July


Salamanca Lawns – Bottom End

Saturday 1 July


Salamanca Square

Saturday 1 July


Narryna – The Merchant’s House

Sunday 2 July


Willow Court, Barracks (regional)

Sunday 2 July


Hobart Brewing Company

In addition to the above:

Friday 30 June                  5:30pm – 6:30pm           Big Sing workshop/rehearsal                     Salamanca Arts Centre

Saturday 1 July                 5:00pm – 6:30pm           Big Sing Bonfire                                                Hobart Waterfront


A detailed schedule will be shared with you soon – this one is a lot more flexible! Let me know now if your choir’s availability has changed due to performing in another event or going to see another show. At the moment I have you pencilled in for performances on:

  • Friday 30 June
  • Saturday 1 July



QUESTIONS ANSWERED: (here are some answers to questions i have been asked by other members…. maybe you are thinking it too!)


Bring as many pop choir singers as we want! No cap! And yes Pop Choir singers must pay their $160 to register. Please refer to FOV website and register. I will also email this link out next month!


Can partners come to the events? Some of the events planned will be just for Pop Choir singers and other choirs however On the Saturday July 1st, is the Big Sing. This is a free event so YES all partners and family etc can come. All of the pop-ups are also free to watch.  Pop ups are other choirs that are around performing. The singers’ lounge is free entry for all performers but others will need to pay at the door (yet to set price but likely to remain at $15).


Singers Lounge is open every night of the festival except for Monday 3. So all three nights that you are here from 7:30pm until late.


You are right re the bonfire, there will be a song at the beginning that just registered Touring Choristers will have rehearsed and will perform, but there is a significant singalong component to the event for everyone.


If that lady’s mum wants to do the workshop with the touring choirs she will need to pay the $160 rego. If she is going to come along to the singers lounge as well it is worth it, otherwise that will cost her $25 a night anyway.