These days, we are hyper-aware of all the information shared across the world. This means we are putting in less time to take a break and simply relax. What we found during our Virtual Pop Choir sessions was that many of our choir members join as a means to relax and use an hour of their week day as their “me-time” : a time to focus on yourself and your friends.

Singing in a choir can help you relax through two simple ways. It helps you create social bonds and it can improve your mental well-being. Here, we discuss how singing in a choir, such as Pop Choir, can help you get both of these benefits. 

Singing in a choir acts as an ice breaker

People are different. Some enjoy and can make acquaintances quickly and some take a while to get used to. But the crucial part of what it means to be human is that we get to know and maintain social contact with others. It’s in our DNA and it’s very important to our relaxation strategy. 

But if doing some shared activity in a group is important, then wouldn’t singing in a choir be just as effective as anything else? Like creative writing or crafts? Not quite. Singing in a choir was shown to have an “ice-breaker” effect, that is, singing in a group can help people bond more closely than many other activities.

When you are engaged in a group activity, the only way you can interact with others is through one-on-one interactions. But with singing in a choir, it’s a bit different. While you are singing, people feel a sense of shared closeness because you are interacting with the whole choir at the same time. At the end of the session you feel more close with your fellow choir members than you started, far more effectively than any other activity.

Singing in a choir is good for your brain and for your well being

With so many “experts” out there on what is an “stress-relieving” activity, it’s very difficult to wade out the truths from the not-so-truths. Choir singing is the exception. There have been numerous studies across many different domains by expert neuroscientists, to rehabilitations to sociologists.

Choir singing has been shown to reduce the stress hormone known as cortisol. At the same time, it releases feel-good hormones, endorphins, the high you feel after a good run. Essentially, more of the good and less of the bad. 

Research has also shown that singing in a choir can make you feel positive and happy in ways that other passive activities cannot, such as listening to music. The very act of performing and partaking in music-making is deeply a part of the emotional experience for nearly all human cultures throughout history. It’s interesting how the benefits of our long-standing cultural and evolutionary activities are only becoming obvious today. 

We know that Adelaideans are a fan of their arts and culture. And over 90% say that it’s a part of their well-being. Our goal has always been to bring these benefits to as many Australians as we can. Now that we are coming to South Australia, we wanted to introduce Adelaideans to a relaxing activity they didn’t know they needed. Therefore, take a break and relax at our Pop Choir Adelaide choir sessions. Learn more at popchoir.com.au/adelaide