Breakout Pop Choir

We host group singing sessions for your teams, in your workplace

Group Singing Sessions at work

The Breakout Pop Choir experience is unique in Australia. We host singing sessions for your teams, in the workplace, with a song performed in each session, which can be enjoyed in a short lunch or extented coffee break.

100% tailored to your requirements

Our programs are 100% percent tailored to your requirements, and can Include: Regular sessions as part of health and well being programs, breaktime sessions programs, team buuilding or off-site activities, events, introductory trial sessions

Benefits of singing in a choir at work

Improved mental and emotional health, improved pyysical wellbeing, reduced stress and the release of endorphins, fun, creative and social experience, celebratory and inclusive experience.

 Our ethos

“Taking the Joy of singing to work”


To all you closet singers out there… Breakout Pop Choir for the workplace is awesome! It’s the best thing I’ve done in years to get my energy and productivity up in the workplace. Fantastic fun in a friendly, welcoming environment. Sharon Is an amazing instructor and makes the whole team feel good.

Sue McCallum

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Singing in a group has proven health benefits in the work place

Releases endorphins, the brain’s ‘feel good’ chemical
Relieves Stress
Singing has long-lasting effects on general well being
“I was so excited when I found Breakout  Pop Choir in the workplace I have not been disappointed! The variety of songs is great and Sharon is so much fun and upbeat. It’s so good to leave the stress of the day behind and just sing it out. Karina Clement

Our Clients Include

Taking shape, Melton City Council, Lulu Lemon, The Cancer Council

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