About Pop Choir

Pop Choir was founded by Sharon Stokes and Darryl Moulton. Darryl and Sharon, both performers and vocal coaches are on a mission to change the myth that singing is only for the minoirty and aim to give anyone and everyone the chance to sing in a Pop Choir in Australia

Sharon Says

“My job at Pop Choir is to help everyone sound amazing in a group, but most importantly make sure everyone leaves feeling great and energised”

Sharon says. “Every body has a voice. We never tell anybody they can’t sing. We encourage anyone and everyone to come along and sing at Pop Choir”.

Pop Choir is the best therapy.  Tired? Stressed?  Just turn up and SING and you will feel amazing!! Michelle Dale

Never sang before except in the shower or a semi-drunk Karaoke. Sharon and Daryl made it real easy to join Pop Choir. No pressure. Great fun. Meet new people. Learn new songs. John Kovarik

Darryl Says

Darryl says: “Pop Choir, Is about singing with no judgment, no audition and having fun and leaving feeling great.”

” Pop Choir is like X Factor for the masses and not just the few lucky chosen ones. The other big difference is no one gets told they can’t sing. It’s about giving ordinary people the chance to do extraordinary things

“Our aim is to bring singing back to anyone and everyone in Australia and into a modern world where singing in a group is as common as going to the gym. Everyone can sing, so everyone should be able to utilize all the wonderful benefits and feel good factor, singing can bring into people lives.”

Darryl says “ At Pop Choir we are contemporary, we sing a mixture of classic and modern pop songs supporting great new artists and new music as well as the greats! We sing great songs”.